The Agamundi

(formaly known as the Solenarions)

Would you like to be a member of the most feared archery unit in the SCA?

During the Dark Ages, the most feared and dreaded of all weapons was the crossbow. So horrific and deadly was the effect of crossbows on the battlefields of Europe that the pope actually tried to ban their use against Christians. But then, same as today, most armies tended to ignore the wishes of Mother Church. Hence the carnage continued wherever there was a need to hold a castle or stop the charge of supposedly invincible mounted knights.

Needless to say, crossbowmen were not terribly popular with the nobles. But on the other hand, every petty Baron who was interested in winning wanted a few on his side. lt seems the SCA has followed history closely in this little matter. For many are the knights that complain bitterly about being killed by crossbow quarrels from across the field. However, almost all unit commanders enjoy having these dealers of death on their side.

The inclusion of an archery force gives Drafn a distinct advantage that has yet to be equalled in the Army of Caid. They are highly skilled as snipers and capable of eliminating the enemy's leaders and depopulating siege towers. They vastly increase the flexibility of the unit in meeting the threat.

The Agamundi earn their way not through brute strength but with skill and cunning. So, if you have good eye hand coordination, the ability to perform well under pressure, and prefer the strategy of battle to physical force or poundings, the Agamundi may have a place for you.


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